As if from a dream, or a dream of a dream

Queen Lucy

For one night only you can venture beyond the wardrobe. Leave Oxford behind and step into Narnia where a magical world awaits between the lamp post and the castle of Cair Paravel.

Upon entering the historic Town Hall you will find yourself in the White Witch's Ice Palace, sipping on champagne and sampling delectable frozen delights. In no time at all you’ll be in the medieval courts of Cair Paravel Castle, where you’ll find food and entertainment fit for a King or Queen of Narnia. Those more adventurous can see what lies beyond Narnia in the tents of Calormen, but if you need to unwind you can always retreat to the comfort of Mr Tumnus’ cosy cave. Whether you choose to dance the night away in Narnia’s winter wonderland or be pampered like a King or Queen in the courts of the castle, there is something for everyone.

When you return from the wardrobe of Narnia, Professor Digby Kirke's house will be free to continue the adventure for one night only. Advance tickets will be available as a £3 extra to your ticket package to guarantee Wahoo entry until 1am extending your evening until 3am.

What are you waiting for?

This year Oxford RAG ball is giving you the chance to perform to hundreds of students at one of the university's biggest events alongside all our other great acts.

We are running a competition which offers the winner the prize of opening the main stage with a one hour DJ set. Find out more about this amazing opportunity here.

Throughout the ball you will be able to immerse yourself in a variety of finely selected music from all over Narnia. As you walk into the Ice Palace you will firstly be greeted by the haunting music of the White Witches finest organist, before our main stage is opened by the winner of this years DJ competition. Following this the main stage will feature our cool hard cutting headliners, who have played at Glastonbury, Burning Man, Ministry of Sound and Radio 1, before closing with a Deep Cover DJ Set. In other corners of Narnia can be found Mr Tumnus' favourite Jazz groups, Aslan's favourite duo Walt Frisbee, and a collection of solo artists.


Come through the wardrobe to experience the medieval feast waiting for you in Narnia. The amazing A&J Catering will be providing an incredible spread of culinary delights sourced from the halls of Cair Paravel to the dungeons of the White Witch’s Ice Palace. There will be plenty of pies, stacks of sausages and delicious stuffed tomatoes to keep out the winter’s chill, and all with vegetarian alternatives! For those of you who want to go the whole hog there is even a hog roast with all the trimmings. Later on you can indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate brownies, lemon tarts, fruit platters and of course turkish delight. You’d have to be made of stone to miss out on this lavish evening feast.


To accompany the delicious range of food on offer, this year's ball offers an exciting range of unlimited drinks to ensure your evening is extra special. From a champagne reception, to a cocktail bar in our casino as well as plenty of jaeger bombs you will be spoilt for choice.

OUSU RAG BALL A good time for a good cause

RAG Ball is Oxford University's largest student charity event, bought to you by Oxford University Student Union's (OUSU) RAG society. The RAG Ball strives to raise as much money as possible for our four fantastic charities and this is only possible through the generous donations of students around Oxford.

At the core of RAG Ball is our commitment to fundraising for OUSU RAG's four student chosen charities, and promoting engagement between OUSU RAG and students. RAG Ball is one of the biggest projects run by OUSU RAG, but if volunteering is more your thing, get involved here.

By buying your ticket, not only are you guaranteed an incredible evening, you're also donating to four very different, very important charities:



KEEN Oxford runs social and sporting activities for over 140 local children and young people with special needs. Student volunteers plan, lead and provide one-to-one support at KEEN's four weekly activities: a sports session, a creative workshop, and two social clubs. All sorts is a Saturday sports session for athletes aged 4-25; Zig-Zag is a performing arts session aimed at younger children, KEEN teens is a teens social club and GrEAT is a social club for over 18’s only. KEEN aims to provide a diverse range of activities for all abilities.

28 Too Many

28 Too Many

28 Too Many seeks to end the harmful practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Africa. FGM affects 140 million worldwide and 3 million girls undergo FGM each year. They undertake in-depth country research, develop networks of anti-FGM organisations and advocate for change in all communities where it takes place. The primary focus is on research and local initiatives in the 28 African countries and some communities in the Middle East and Aisa where FGM is practiced.

Oxford Homeless Pathways

Oxford Homeless Pathways

Oxford Homeless Pathways runs housing for the homeless in Oxford. They also run the Oxford Homeless medical fund which raises money for supporting welfare and medical services for the homeless. They aim to provide swift, effective, long lasting and effective responses for those who are homeless. This includes providing a range housing for individual needs from those trying to give up addictions to those with underlying mental health issues. They also provide training, education and activities enabling them to live without the stigma of homelessness. They also raise awareness, locally and nationally for public provisions that best fit the needs of the homeless.

Against Malaria Foundation

Against Malaria Foundation

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) helps protect people from malaria. They fund long-lasting insecticidal anti-malaria nets (LLINs), and work with partners to ensure they are used. 100% of donations fund £2 nets, each protecting two people. The equivalent of five Boeing 747s full of children under 5 die from malaria every day. They are working to stop that. Half a billion people fall ill with malaria every year and more than one million people die from it. One of RAG’s charities last year, Giving What We Can, which identifies the world’s most cost effective charities, has AMF as its #1 ranked charity.

Ready for something amazing?

Get your tickets for the most enchanting ball of the year.